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Monday, October 31, 2011

Back Order Domains to Protect Big Brands

There are some companies in the world that you would expect to have a number of domain cases open and domain back orders in place, due to the amount of strings they have to their bow. Disney would be a prime example, with hundreds of characters in the Disney family; you would expect to see them regularly trying to claim their rightful names from cyber squatters. The company with the largest amount of domain complaints filed are AOL, who have well in excess of four hundred and fifty complaints filed since the company began, a massive amount of brand asso…

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WHOis Privacy Battle for Sir Anthony Hopkins

UDRP and brand protection is something that comes up a lot in the domain reseller world, with people striving to protect their brands and names from cyber squatters intent on cashing in on their success, often who use WHOis Privacy to protect themselves. This begs the question of how rigorous you should be as a celebrity when protecting your brand. Is it right to register a ‘sir’ or ‘dame’ domain at the start of your career when you may never be knighted by her majesty? Is...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dot XXX Domain Launch Success

The dot XXX domain name launch has caused a stir in the Internet world for many reasons. Firstly, it comes at time when new TLDs are at the forefront of the industries focus as ICANN allow applications for new Top Level Domains, heralding a new age for the face of the Internet. Secondly, it is a place where adult content can live on the web, promoting a more transparent and safer internet where content can live under a recognisable umbrella. So it comes as no surprise to hear that initial figures from the ICM registry who are launching

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ClubPenguin Domain Name Fails To Renew

If you own domains and deal with domain name renewals then you will know that owning a domain is akin to leasing a house rather than buying one; although you may legally own a domain, you do so only for the period you remain the registrant. For this reason you have to be on top of the auto renewal process to ensure that you don’t renew domains that are of little worth to you, and that valuable domains don’t drop. Most registrars notify you of the fact that your domain is due to expire, or hasn’t auto renewed due to a billing error, or that you are letting…

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Got Milk? Domain UDRP

Have you ever thought about the power of your domain name and the influence it has over the Internet? Would you go to UDRP to claim domains that were rightfully yours? Got Milk? Is a brand that runs across America after being started by the state of California to encourage people to drink more milk. It initially started by giving three cents to the organisation for every carton of milk purchased, and has now become a country wide campaign winning awards for its advertising strategies at Cannes, and being backed by celebrities. The memorable ad campaigns…

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nominet UK Domain Auctions

A domain is only worth as much as you deem it to be, but if a recent auction by Nominet, the company that runs and manages .UK domains is anything to go by, then short letter domains are of considerable value to a brand. The non-profit organisation who run this registry, auctioned off a number of single and two letter domain names to raise a three million donation for the Nominet trust. A lot of the most valuable domains were grabbed at sunrise stage by big businesses including Richard Branson’s Virgin, who obtained, and British Airways who laid…

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shorter Dot ORG Domains Predicted

Dot ORG is a domain extension that is deemed to be something that instils trust; a dot ORG domain name signals an organisation that is commonly non-profit although there are no regulations about who can register one of these domains. You commonly see dot ORG domains linked to charities and associations since the conception of the gTLD in 2003, and they therefore should be an important part of your custom storefront. But the Public Interest Registry (PIR) who manage .ORG …

Thursday, October 13, 2011

How Much Do You Value A Misspelt Domain?

With news this week that Facebook have recovered over a dozen misspelt domain names, the question is how much is a typo domain name worth to your brand? Some argue that you should get a discount for the cost of a misspelling to your brand, and that they are not worth much in terms of search results, while others deem that a misspelt typo domain can be worth its weight in gold due to the amount of direct traffic that you would get from a consumers spelling mistake. Facebook are firmly in the camp of the latter, having recovered domains such as…

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dot What? New TLDs

A new update on the way we look at domains is on the way with ICANN revealing recently that they are opening the domain name system so that a breed of new TLDs can come to fruition. Currently when we are on the internet looking for a domain to promote a UK business, we might lean towards’s more than a .ca (Canada) or a .pl (Poland). For something global we might search for a .com or a .net, and for an online directory we might hunt of a .tel. But imagine if we could localise our domains to be more relevant to our target audience? .xxx…

Friday, October 07, 2011

Steve Jobs' Legacy

Steve Jobs. 1955 - 2011. The Apple brand is something that has probably featured in the lives of us all. Think about your day; how many times do you pick up your iPhone, shuffle a tune on your iPod or iTunes account or log onto your Mac? Chances are that you use at least one Apple product during your day, and this is all thanks to Steve Jobs, deemed a visionary in the field of technology.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Companies Green Over Dot Eco Domain Extension

It comes as no surprise that since ICANN have revealed their domain name expansion programme, an argument has ensued about the ownership of the dot eco domain extension. Environmental and green issues are topics that have been in the forefront of the news for well over a decade, with concerns that global warming and human damage to the earth are causing issues that will be irreparable. In their bids to open up the internet, new domain name extensions will be available for domain resellers...

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Scream If You Lost Your Domain Name!

The owner of, the current owner of Cutting Edge Haunted House Theme Park has recently lost the domain name that he used to boost his terrifying business to a direct competitor via the UDRP process. scream/skrēm/ Verb: Give a long, loud, piercing cry or cries expressing extreme emotion or pain. Noun: A long, loud, piercing cry expressing extreme emotion or pain. Associated with theme parks and haunted houses, the word scream has long been synonymous with adrenalin and thrill rides. But the owner of, who also owns the Cut…

Monday, October 03, 2011

xxx Domains Herald the Birth of a New TLD era

Since the advent of the internet there has been controversy over adult websites, so the launch of the xxx domain name sees a new chapter in the on-going row over acceptable content and having a safe place to keep it. The adult industry has always taken a large chunk of the internet market, so a top level domain (TLD) designed for the benefit of the adult industry is being welcomed by companies across the world. It is hoped that the birth of this new extension will provide memorable domain names for adult content and increase website traffic via direct …

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Important News for Domain Resellers - ICANN to Govern Internet Time

As a seller of wholesale domains you will know that time is of utmost importance across the Internet. Domain API's, launches and purchases all need a time zone to operate across so that there is a standard. Across the world we have Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to keep control of the time of the world. Countries are either at GMT or show their time as being GMT-5 (New York) or GMT+8 (Brisbane) so we can easily work out what the time is in any location and adjust our programmes accordingly.