Management Team

Our management team are here to help. So is Boxie the robot (Yes we gave him a name)

With strong and proven experience, the Senior Management Team behind Domainbox are the reason we have so many Number 1's to our name. They don't ever let us or our customers down.

Management Team

Matt Mansell

Matt's our CEO. He remembers going to work without email! Matt was in the software industry for 10 years with early Internet software pioneers like Adobe & Quark before starting our company in 2003. We don't think Matt sleeps.

Oliver Hope

Oli's our Finance & Operations Director. A qualified accountant, Oli leads our Finance team dealing with day to day operations of our business. With his frank and firm manner, Oli has a reputation for getting things done. Oli dreams in numbers!

Pete Osmond

Pete's our Account Director. Pete's been with us since 2003 and knows our business inside out. Pete manages all our key accounts; both suppliers and customers alike. If we can't find Pete, we normally head to the airport...


Our Chief Evangelist, Boxie's a very busy robot! A little misunderstood in his early years, Boxie's championed a brand new identity for himself recently and we like it...a lot! A straight talker, Boxie effortlessly travels the world living and breathing Domainbox.