DNS Reseller

Full DNS management is offered as standard ...and it's free

No matter how big or small you are and at no extra cost, Domainbox allows bulk DNS management, efficiently and reliably, with resilience, flexibility and no down time.

We are DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) protocol authorised; providing greated stability and security for your DNS zone via encrypted keys.

Account benefits

  • Full DNS management. Offered as standard. No extra costs.
  • Real time updates. All changes made instantaneously.
  • Total DNS Managment. Including management of: A records, CName Records, MX Records, And TXT/SPF Records.
  • Fully redundant DNS servers. Premium uptime and full reliability for domain names.
  • DNSSEC enabled. DNSSEC ensures extra security for your DNS root zone, cutting out a number of security vulnerabilities and greatly reducing chances of domain hijacking for yourself and your customers.