SOAP - Domain API

Are you a Registrar, Telco, Design Firm or Internet Service Provider? Then our industry standard SOAP-based API is the definitive option for you.

This robust custom solution offers full and easy integration to your own website or existing systems. The Domainbox API enables complete control and functionality for the reselling of domain names, hosting and email no matter how big or small your business.

Gain full access our Sandbox test environment. A full mirror of our Live environment and the ideal place for learning how our API works.

Easy to understand commands and documentation mean that it's as easy as pie to get the most out of the API straight out of the box. Plus receive detailed reports, alerts and much more, all configured and delivered through the API.

Our API solution:

Domainbox API benefits

  • XML SOAP Based. Easy and quick to use and integrate.
  • Documented. Complete documentation with example code.
  • Fast and Robust. 1,000,000 million commands per day – we are fast, we are secure.
  • Live testing. Mirrored, up to date sandbox test environment, with funds refreshed daily and thousands of domains to play with.
  • Unlimited. sub-reseller support.
  • Flexible creds. We offer the further flexibility of a mixed-mode environment so you can operate and register domains using both yours and our credentials.

Domain Sub-Resellers

Give out your own boxes, let sub-resellers help you grow...

Set up and manage your own group of Sub-Resellers. We give you the control and flexibility to create your own reseller accounts in seconds.

Sub-reseller benefits

  • No extra fees if you decide you want to create a network of your own sub-resellers
  • Easy set up
  • You define your rates and pricing plans, not us
  • Decide on sub-reseller access, with over 25 definable roles
  • Manage your sub-resellers as you wish. From promotions to communications, it is all up to you
  • Your sub-resellers benefit from the same great domain management options that you do