Who We Are

Domainbox.com is a brand of Mesh Digital Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GoDaddy Inc. Mesh has rapidly grown to become a Top 30 fastest growing ICANN accredited registrar. Operating two major domain brands, Mesh is well known to its retail customers through its Domainmonster.com brand. A top 3 performer in all major domain launches in the past three years, Domainmonster.com has earned its fast growth, now trading as a round the clock operation in Dollars, Sterling and Euros in 133 different countries.

With a lightning fast Application Programming Interface (API) at its core, Domainbox.com is our wholesale offering. A comprehensive and innovative offering for wholesale domains & wholesale email, Domainbox handles in excess of 1 million API calls a day across its diverse network of resellers.

Domainmonster®, Domainbox® and Mesh Digital® are registered trademarks of Mesh Digital Limited. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are acknowledged.

Contact us at support@domainbox.com

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