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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ICANN Big Reveal for New gTLDs Tomorrow!

ICANN is set to reveal the New gTLD strings that have been applied for in a meeting starting at 12:00GMT/11:00UTC in London, UK tomorrow. As a domain reseller you need to be aware of what is happening with ICANN’s New gTLD programme. The New TLDs that are going to be created by this process represent the future of the Internet where content is more categorised and domain names hold even more significance.

Since ICANN first stated their intentions to run the New gTLD programme the domain name industry has been waiting on this announcement. has brought you lots of news on the New gTLD process, from the breakdown of TAS, to the news that breaches were to be revealed! We will be following the announcement, which will be broadcast live on, and tweeting as we go!

There are 1900+ New gTLD applications and applicants have only made around 10% of this applications public so far. This leaves well over 1500 New gTLDs that we know nothing about. ICANN is going to let us know what strings have been applied for, who applied for them and what they intend to use these new domain name extensions for! This is the important bit if you are a domain name reseller as you will be able to find out what New TLDs you might be able to offer your clients in the future.

Inevitably a large number of the New gTLD strings will be kept under tight restrictions, particularly brand name strings, which are likely to be used just within the company they relate to. However, many commercial organisations have applied for generic strings for public use, such as Google’s .lol, Nominet’s .wales or . UrbanBrain’s .site. This is where resellers are going to benefit massively from this process.

This is an exciting time for the industry and aim to be at the forefront of the New gTLD revolution. Get up to the minute updates on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ over the coming days as we learn more about these New gTLDs.