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Friday, June 01, 2012

EURID Releases Q1 2012 Report

Domain resellers take note! EURID, the registry for .EU domain names has released a report containing lots of facts and figures surrounding the Top Level Domain’s (TLD’s) performance in the first quarter of this year. Here are some of the most important figures in the report:

  • Total number of EU Domains registered is now over 3.59 Million. There has been a 6.1% rise in the total number of domain names from Q1 2011. These figures represent the highest annual growth since Q3 2010.

    Clearly .EU domains are increasing in popularity. There are now over 3.5 million registered .EU domains. Any TLD that picks up this amount of registrations has to be popular. The TLD was created to give European individuals and organisations a chance to create a web presence that highlighted their commitment to European business and the European community. Despite the on-going economic instability in Europe, eu domains have bucked the trend and continue to grow, even during these tough times.

  • When looking at registrations of .eu domains from individual countries within the European continent, three countries stand out. Lithuania saw .eu registrations grow by 31.4%, Austria saw a 22.4% growth and Slovakian registrations of .eu domains grew 18.0%.

    This is fantastic news for Eurid. As the .eu TLD has grown, more and more European nations have embraced the extension and created a web presence online using a .eu domain. The more nations that embrace the TLD, the more .eu registrations there will be! 23 of the 27 European Union member states saw a growth in registrations.

  • Renewal Rates remained at an average of 79%.

    Again this is a positive signal for Eurid as this statistic confirms that a lot of the .eu registrations currently in place are being used and are important to their registrants. If renewal rates were very low it would highlight a lack of trust in the TLD from registrants and, in turn, end users.

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